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K.G. - October 26, 2021

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

KG was my first official client and I was so honored that her and her husband, P, trusted me with this responsibility. Both of them have a wonderful, positive energy that I just loved being around.

During our prenatal meetings, they both asked tons of questions and obviously were willing to soak in every piece of information I had for them. We slowly built KG's birth plan together.

At the end of KG's pregnancy, she discovered that her baby was breech. I was able to provide her with a Spinning Babies E-book, she went to a Webster certified chiropractor, and an acupuncturist. Unfortunately, none of that worked and baby girl was still breech. KG was lucky that her provider scheduled her cesarean for her due date of October 26. Most providers choose to induce or schedule cesarean births at 39 weeks so this was a great change to see.

With this new information, we had time to discuss KG's options with her new birth plan as well as discuss the loss she may feel over not having her desired birth. I only hope I was able to make this experience a positive one. I was really proud of how well KG and P took this information and were able to move forward. Such a drastic change in plans can be devastating, but they really seemed to take it in stride.

The morning of October 26 we all arrived at 8:00am at the hospital. KG and P checked in at registration. I was unsure of how far I would be allowed, due to COVID restrictions, but I promised I would go as far as I could. We met KG's nurse who was nothing but lovely. I really appreciated that she remembered my name and addressed me like an important part of the birth team. I gave her a copy of KG's birth preferences and she looked it over closely and addressed anything she thought needed adjusting. KG's blood was taken and IV placed. The nurses also brought in an ultrasound just to double check that the baby was still breech. Yup, still breech. Then KG's doctor came in looking chipper and explained the schedule for the day. I also gave her the birth plan which was reviewed and commented on again. I had previously asked the nurse if I could be in the OR with KG. I was told no. I then asked the doctor and was told "maybe," depending on what the anesthesiologist said. Finally we met the anesthesiologist who said I could be in the OR, but only after the baby was born. Once we were alone, KG, P and I discussed and they agreed that once they are brought to the OR I could go home and they could take it from there.

I told P and KG that they really seemed ready and able to advocate for themselves and what they wanted/needed. Especially P I knew would put his foot down if needed. P told me it was because of my work and education that they felt ready. I mention that not to toot my own horn, but because it made me feel proud. Made me feel like I was making a difference and it felt so amazing.

After waiting around for a while, KG and P were brought back to the OR and I went home.

The rest of this birth story is based on my memory of the events as they were re-told to me.

KG was taken to a room without P to get her spinal block for the surgery. She was told that it would take a minute or 2 to work, but she said it was almost instant! P was then let in once the spinal site was covered and they were brought back to the OR.

The whole procedure was very fast. Within a few minutes their daughter, L, was born perfectly healthy. P went to the warmer with L but was not expecting to see KG's open and exposed insides when he turned around! (I hope you've recovered from that shock, P!)

When I visited the new family after they were back home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that KG and P had very much settled into their new roles and seemed very content. KG was having issues with breastfeeding, and that is certainly a common problem, especially with cesarean birth babies. The birthing person simply doesn't get the hormones that typically signal birth and the need for breastmilk. Luckily there are things to try and lactation consultants for just this purpose.

I must say that I was also very jealous of how well adjusted they seemed. My personal transition into motherhood was immensely difficult. I grieved the life I had lost and I felt drowned in hormones and lack of sleep. It was so nice to see someone make the transition more easily than I did.

KG and P were the ideal clients. They were open and honest and welcoming. I only hope that all my future clients are as easy to work with as these 2 were.

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